Bob Thissen (1985, The Netherlands)

In January 2013 Bob graduated from MAD Faculty Genk (Belgium) with a high distinction in a Master course of Animation with his Stop-Motion short movie; “Nothing Beside Remains”

The short movie “Nothing Beside Remains” won the “Prize of Genk” and was selected for multiple film festivals in Europe including Holland Animation Film Festival, International Kortfilm Festival Leuven, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Anima and others.

His company Slammer! specializes in Stop-Motion. This is in partnership with his former teacher Toon Loenders. In 2014 they were funded by the VAF for two projects:”Exitus”, an eight episode TV series broadcasted in The Netherlands and Belgium and “Prospero”, a 360 degrees short movie.

Bob’s biggest passion is researching and exploring abandoned buildings and since 2007 he has been to uncountable locations worldwide to capture the beauty of decay. His dedication is unquestionable.
His video’s and pictures shot in abandoned places are covered a lot in the media.

Specialized in:

Urban Exploring |  | Architecture Photography   |   Readings   | Stop-Motion   |   Motion Design   |  Stop-Motion Workshops | Abandoned Location Hunter

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