Leader for Ongerwaeg L1 | 2018

Trailer TV series Exitus | 2013-2016
A TV series created by me and Toon Loenders. Broadcasted in two countries; Belgium (Canvas) and The Netherlands (NPO3)

Nothing Beside Remains | 2012
My master graduation shortfilm (Graduated with a high distinction)

Antwerpen Autovrij | 2013
A commercial for Antwerpen City

Leader for Dutch Television (Different seasons) | 2013/2014


Company Advertisement Movie L1 | 2013


Stop-Motion workshop 4 hours | 2013
Tichelrij school Belgium


There is no other way | 2012
Directed by Toon Loenders

O.N.A | 2011
Experimental techniques used in this “One Minute” for my Bachelor Degree in Animation