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Exploring the Unbeaten Path, Fukushima trailer

Episode 031 Theme Park in Myanmar

Episode 030 Bathhouse in Thailand

Episode 029 Battleship Island

Episode 028 Abandoned hospital on an Island

Episode 027 A huge post-apocalyptic terrein in Albania

Episode 025 A Soviet Theme Park

Episode 024 Fukushima non-food stores

Episode 023 Fukushima School

Episode 022 Fukushima Kindergarden

Episode 021 Fukushima Pachinko Halls

Episode 020 Fukushima Supermarket

Episode 019 Fukushima Road 6

Episode 018 Fukushima Trailer

Episode 017 A creepy oldskool abandoned Prison

Episode 016 Found a loaded Gun in an abandoned Castle

Episode 015 Chased by dogs at a giant abandoned Chemical Factory

Episode 014 A night on an uninhabited Island with an abandoned secret high security Prison

Episode 013 A fully intact Yugoslavian Navy Ship

Episode 012 Kupari, bay of abandoned Hotels with epic sunset

Episode 010 Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles

Episode 009 A fully furnished, abandoned Castle

Episode 008 A Qarry filled with Oldtimers

Episode 007 Security caught sleeping inside abandoned Power Station

Episode 006 Creepy Abandoned Asylum: human body parts found, strange noises heard!

Episode 005 An abandoned Theme Park in the Taiwanese Jungle

Episode 004 A dangerous abandoned Bunker in Taiwan full of giant Spiders and Bats

Episode 003 Visiting abandoned Movie Sets in Morocco

Episode 002 Droning at an ACE High Base in Italy

Episode 001: Buzludzha, an abandoned Soviet Monument